Margie Dacko, CM

I started attending home births in 1979.  I got serious about becoming a midwife after attending several home births and felt a calling to be a midwife.  I started my midwifery training, including an apprenticeship with a senior midwife and college classes in 1981 and I became a primary midwife, after 3 years, taking my own clients in 1984.  I have attended over 2900 home births, including water birth, breech births, VBAC’s, and twins.  

In 1985 several midwives in Las Vegas, including myself, formed the Nevada Midwives Association.  The state of Nevada wasn't interested in licensing midwifery so the NMA began a certification program to help raise the standard of midwifery care in Nevada.  I am the President of the Nevada Midwives Association and I have been certified with the NMA since 1986.

I married my high school sweetheart, Bruce, two years after graduation in 1971 and we have 4 children, Rochelle, Matthew, Benjamin and Alexander.  My first two births were typical hospital births, and I was very unhappy with my experiences.  I knew I wanted to have my next babies at home.  Ben and Alex were born at home with midwives in attendance.  Bruce and I have 8 grandchildren, 7 who have been born into the loving hands of their grandmother at home.

Phone: 702-595-5210

(702) 595-5210

Phone: (702) 595-5210
Margie Dacko, CM
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Margie Dacko, Midwife

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